My Hypothesis On The Pandemic and Crimes Against Humanity
By JoAnn Peralta
 The science establishment created what they thought was an answer for immunity of various diseases in humans, via animal antibody response proteins. 
 In early history of lab research studies, animals were used to test because evolutionary biology is supposed to support similar cellular structures with that of animal to human. There was no problem with this science because it did benefit for animals to be tested first, and when it appeared these animals tested in support of a definable positive reaction, then it was tested on willing human participants.
 The animals were subjected to various ailments and diseases to mirror that of humans. And, whenever animals tested favorably in response to various drugs, or therapeutics, as well as the latest techniques at the cellular level in vitro (petri dish experiments), as well as passed the first levels of protocols in human test subjects to ensure human safety standards, for public use, now these drugs could be used to prescribe for the symptoms associated with the illness, or disease. 
 Eventually, when in vivo (in the human body) testing in controlled-settings with human consented adults, showed promise in various instances, many scientists decided why not do away with the middleman? 
 In the dawn of DNA discoveries and technology, since the 1960’s, and the successes attributed to it, the scientific establishment devised a new hypothesis in regard to animal and human testing.
 Why not actually put the cellular structures of the animals which were successful in their response, directly into the human-being?         
 In other words, introduce the actual animal protein, or genome code, which was successful in the lab testing, and under controlled experiments in the animals, and tested well in some human-controlled settings, which combated the antigen, or a specific virus, and theoretically would do so in the human body, DIRECTLY INTO THE HUMAN GENOME CODE by way of cloned, animal antibodies and proteins? 
 If we actually try to Institute ONE unifying human-animal coding system and change the DNA cellular makeup within HUMANS, to unite animal and human DNA, phenotypes and proteins, then waiting for levels of protocols in human safety checks and balances could be eliminated.
That way the response to the drugs that showed success in animal trials, whether in vitro or direct in animal, could be immediately applied through various shots, which carry the animal enzyme coding, and put directly into human-beings, since the evolutionary cellular chromosome makeup is “close enough”. 
 Or, so they thought it wouldn’t matter that the animal chromosomes and proteins were very close, but not exact.
 That’s when everything went horribly wrong. Many flu-vaccines carried the animal morphology into the human cell structures and these animal protein enzymes which showed success in the animals and in their specific antibody response system, as well as in-vitro (petri dish tests) with human cell response, DID NOT IN ACTUAL HUMAN-BEINGS over a span of time. 
 We have proof of this now. (See attached file from report by these scientists about failure of mouse cloned mRNA to produce IgM, to which I’ll explain why this is serious).
 While mass success may have occurred in humans, with respect to a specific illness, or virus, the reactions, short term, or long term, were not always what it appeared. Adverse side-effects were ignored, or swept away. Many self-educated Moms found a connection to undisclosed formulas in vaccines, or those implicated in TNF-a as well as many autoimmune disease in their kids, and found good lawyers and won their case. So, there is court precedent in many of these cases.
 Scientists still didn’t want to make a connection to their new use of cloned animal DNA to in-vivo, adverse reactions, and most especially if a year or more had passed since the original vaccine, or shot, had been administered. They did not understand what a thermal reaction could unleash within the human body. Another one of my
 Testing was not always done within humans in a long enough span of time to elicit a true test model, to see whether adverse reactions might result from their drugs, or mRNA/clonedDNA enzyme animal structures delivered into the human plasma or tissue cells.
  Suddenly, there were people that began complaining of autoimmune compromising symptoms post 1980’s. No connections were being made to the animal protein antibodies being employed in the shots. After all, many were seemingly either unaffected, or never came down with a particular virus. But, unbeknownst to the recipient of this technology, their body had now become familiar with an undisclosed invader whom was hiding, and trying to assume human identity within.
 Various cancers began to increase as well. The scientists never connected it with the animal mRNA cells, and various other transfer mRNA structures, which were put into play within the human-being genome cellular make-up. 
 By the time they did, these mistakes needed to be corrected! 
**One of these mistakes was clearly written about in this paper I’ve attached. This report in 2019 states unequivocally that mice (cDNA, protein273, CCX-4, L-929, etc. and various other nomenclature), are unable to secrete IgM, which is essential in immunity for Human-beings, and the first antibody to be made by the body, in response, to fight new infection. What?!!! 
 But, we put mice mRNA monoclonal antibodies in the human-being via various vaccines, and for many years now! See the use of mouse areolar DNA L-929, which became various other appointed names, monoclonal antibody, M-protein etc. in 1969, (If it’s still there).
 The new evidence was now clear that mice proteins put into those vaccines are now stopping effective human, immune-system response to virus/antigens.
What do we do now?… the science community asked themselves?
 IgM is the first line of defense against all viruses, and pathogenic antigen behavior in the human body. It is responsible for the triggering of the human immune system. It is what the mucous membranes first respond to when a germ, or virus enters the mucosal membranes. Does this compromised system within humans sound familiar to anyone? 
** If there’s no first response mechanism because the mouse mRNA-cDNA has attached itself to the human cellular structure and inhibited it’s response mechanism via fibrinogen, or other adherence proteins, which is the glue that attaches the mouse mRNA proteins at the B-cells, and BBB, and therefore hides as a normal protein. And may emit incorrect signaling, interfering with correct chemotaxis, or cellular signaling, then humanity is left defenseless in fighting incoming antigens! 
** The next mistake they made; instead of the scientific community owning up to it, and finding scientists or researchers (which I would gladly be a part of), that may have the answers to stop this mistake via uncoupling the enzymatic code of enzymatic pathogenic activity of the corrupted mouse files, what do the mad-scientists do?   
 Exactly. They double-down and now need to hide the error in their science, and try to correct, or think they’re correcting their mistake, by changing the DNA structure of the mouse to NOW be able to secrete IgM, and put THAT new monoclonal antibody structure into the human cellular structure.
 The mad-scientists think, if we now put the corrected mouse files which now can secrete IgM, back into the human then we’ve corrected the corruption.
 How do we do that though on such a massive scale they ask themselves? Yes, we create a pandemic. We purposefully elicit the pathogenic disease to cause death and fear in humanity so we can correct the problem (the science community caused), and use our “new science” to correct the mistake. Unfortunately, there are others. Such as plasmid host cell invasion within the human body. I have no knowledge of whom are behind these forces or I would tell. My focus has only been on healing. Along the path discovering the problem associated with the why this is happening, in my hypothesis, is now up to others to dig deeper.
**The new vector science, which forces the new mouse animal construct, and various other animal cDNA such as bovine, etc, to hide the original animal mistake, is still being seen as a pathogen in the human body! The human body still recognizes a foreign protein but is confused due to the mRNA being a protein, but what type of protein is this? For the human cellular system to combat a foreign entity, which seems human but is not, the immune system turns against itself. It starts fighting an unrecognizable presence, for the doctor’s blood panel tests reflect nothing present in the blood, or body, which is foreign because cloned-animal DNA/mRNA is not being viewed as animal, or foreign to the tests. And because it is cloned and carries no attenuated live animal cells, the body is figuring out how to deal with it.
 But, the release of leukocytes, foam macrophage induced maladaptive lipids, Reactive oxygen species (ROS), etc, are showing signs of reaction to these non-human entities.
 For example, within the human there may be a high level of leucocytes, or a malady for which there is no definable cause, and human-beings are left wondering why they’re so sick but tests don’t yet show anything specifically wrong. 
But, unfortunately, in my hypothesis, it may not yet reflect it, but these may be in some persons the “birth pains” to the revelation which may come later. But, there is always
 I hypothesize that if these symptoms which are at the first, autoimmune in appearance, don’t get de-constructed, then it may continue to gain force within the cellular pathway in the human body and may eventually lead to disease. 
 Evolution is DEAD and this sorry, sick, demented attempt to have used its theory in seeking to inflict its incorrect animal-to-human morphological change within the human cellular codes, has ended up with a lot of human fatalities, and blood on these scientist’s hands. 
  The reason evolution cannot be true, is because the closest match in the evolutionary cellular chain to which the scientists could find to human chromosome, the main one, was the mouse main chromosome, which is close, but not exactly.
 Human chromosome 17 and Mouse Chromosome 11, or c11, use different transmembrane gateways into the human cytoplasm of cells. The gateway taken is the code which tells the mitochondria, ribosomes, and organelles what to do.
 As you’ll find there is a major difference within the new hybrid, chimera, IL-6, chromosomal monoclonal interleukin which is comprised of both mouse and human chromosomes, compared to the original human IL-6. 
 Scientists used to call the mouse hybrid placed within the human-being, called IL-6 monoclonal, and various other names to differentiate it from the normal human one. However, because scientists felt it was “almost the same” they dropped the nomenclature which differentiates it from the human one and now say they are one and the same. WRONG. 
 So, the IL-6 name is now being used but has a different chromosome morphology than the original human IL-6.
** There was some pause for concern amongst many scientists within their ranks and it is reflected in written papers on microbiology, in journals, and a very well known biology book in science circles, which reveal many scientists stymied as to why this was occurring, but it was quickly left alone because they didn’t want to go against the higher science establishment…whoever they may be…
 The scientific community maintained the mouse-human enzyme chains are “close-enough”, even though the lengths of animal and human main chromosome1 are different! They also use different transmembrane gateways! As I hypothesize, the human body is rejecting this change, and many autoimmune diseases are occurring as a result. Many which may also lead to serious disease.
 The protein enzyme polymers/monomers  pass into plasma via various dendritic cells and tissue cell gateways, depending on the helix opening due to signaling mechanisms, which release into the tissues and blood stream. These structures known as quaternary structures in plasma combine together and fold once they make the united connection with regard to the protein chains. If a protein chain is not the normal length identified, then I hypothesize the folding will have adverse effects and reactions within the blood. Blood has the ability to produce RBC’s (red blood cells), which are taken from the mast cells of bone, and may reproduce a pattern within the plasma. If there are any mistakes they get corrected by various bonding interactions which are easily broken apart as the human body’s defense system, such as lymphocytes, looks for the corrupted protein structure, to inhibit or destroy it.
 Once the antigen is found in the constant regions (CR’s) of the heavy chain, and subdued, the quaternary is re-grouped and folds again. It is constantly regrouping so the blood can clean out foreign invaders. But, these animal proteins present a problem because they don’t match perfectly. Not where it matters most. And these differences matter! 
 There are too many scenarios to state here, regarding possible blood diseases and their causes, but they can be eliminated. One fixed, multiplies the many. 
 We, the people, need to stop allowing the mad-scientists to use us as guinea pigs. I am hoping and praying this education will help you better understand what I hypothesize has been happening in the world and we need to hold these scientists accountable. We also need safe research and understanding of how to safely use new technology. There must be guidelines followed, WITH OVERSIGHT! A bill was introduced in Congress recently to provide these protections but was quietly shot down. No one noticed.
But I did.
 You must contact your congressman in your state to insist that science renegades are no longer acceptable and that you want oversight committees whom are voted into their positions of office to hold science, and therefore scientists accountable for the technology they use, and how it is being used! They have been using a language that is no longer only accessible to them. For we, the people, are being educated and are watching them!
 This madness has to stop. And God’s creation will not be mocked. He will not allow anyone to mess with His perfect creation, Human beings.
  I have various hypotheses to dislodge, and un-couple the mouse mRNA, and various other animal proteins in the human body, as well as hinder adverse symptoms associated with the side-effects via autoimmune disease from the vaccines, and many which have been in use since 2009, and even possibly prior.       
  However, it will require a bit of time, and knowledge of science biologics and molecular morphology to get a game plan. 
 I believe I have many game plans, but it will take my various hypotheses being written out so they can be seen by other morally, good, knowledgeable scientists and doctors. Many doctors and Home researchers have been successful in finding their own protocols and cures. 
 I have already begun with mine, and during the original Co_Vid scare researched and came up with many protocols to stop the invader after it by-passed the human immune system in many. 
 I already have various people I have advised and are using my biologics for their autoimmune disorders. I also, am one. Nothing at all serious in my case. 
 The great thing about my biologic suggestions is there are no serious adverse effects, if taken as recommended and not abused. Especially, compared to the actual autoimmune disease itself, possibly caused by various vaccines, and/or other toxicological impositions to the human body. 
 I also want to note that I make no money for my research or helping people up to this point. 
 Lastly, the biologics I suggest should only be taken with clearance from an individual’s doctor, IF the person has any pre-disposed conditions affecting their health, and/or a check into whether there are any conflicting drug interactions associated with what the person may already be taking, such as a pharmaceutical, or multiple drugs whether or not pharmaceuticals. Otherwise, natural therapeutic biologics simply mimic what
the body is either depleted of, or no longer producing. 
 I will decline to say more unless I am given clearance to do so, and with safety measures that enable me to speak to qualified doctors, nurses, and scientists that carry a degree in their respective fields, and whom I choose to speak with about my discoveries, and hypotheses. I want everything to be cleared from the human standpoint.  
Some of my suggested biologics have already been tested and proven safe and effective for treatment in humans. My research, of over a year, has allowed me some understanding about the right combinations of various biologics, which are natural within the human being, and found to slowly re-institute correct cellular response to adverse symptoms. 
**So, together, we can come up with safety measures, and a well formulated game plan to get people well again! And stop the arrogance of science, and get back to the real science of healing the human body, via God’s perfect immunologic framework in all its complexity and beauty! 
 The good news is that God has made a way for the human body to be able to ward off, or destroy that which is foreign, no matter how it arrived there, because His human immune system is perfect and has been created to account for times such as these! But, only with His direction can we succeed.
JoAnn Peralta-fine artist,
AP-Biologist, award recipient, HS.