April 2022
My Commentary, Hypotheses, and Analysis in Errors of Evolutionary Theology in Science and It’s Negative Effects on Humanity en Vivo: 
By JoAnn Peralta, Bio AP Maj.
First, a commentary to those relic Darwinist’s whom still adhere to the theology of “survival of the fittest” premise, and evolutionary science:  You have broken your own, archaic stance and proven the unvaccinated superior, by your own standards of so-called evolutionary thinking. But, how did we do this, you ask? 
 When the unvaccinated survived Co_Vid-19 and variants of Co_Vid-19, yet you required (animal) enzymes and unreliable science to survive.  In doing this, you proved God’s triumph of creation and His well-designed immune system, as SUPERIOR. 
 For science demanded vaccines. So, aren’t the un-vaxxed superior, in terms of your own litmus test, of evolutionary hypothesis regarding natural selection?
Secondly, my analysis of errors of evolutionary theology and how it adversely effects humanity. The natural immune system was designed by a Designer, whom those of faith call God, and in His creation He made the animals separate from humankind. This is recorded in the Biblical account of creation. The reason God kept them separate in creation and named humans superior with dominion over animals, is proven via molecular, bio-cellular codes. Humanity has been given various complex immune system protections against disease, parasites, viruses, as well as allergies, compared to animal’s systems. Proof of this is also reflected in the fossil record with various animal and plant species which have become extinct. Yet, humankind has never become extinct. 
 Yes, obviously there is death and sickness in humanity, and recently those related to the genome created disease of Co_Vid-19 succumbed to it’s effects, but societally the natural immune robust response system of humankind found a way to naturally destroy the pathogenic behavior. Even one that was not natural! Herd immunity is real and humankind thrives despite the onslaught of disease throughout history. 
 Today, there are evolutionary science methods, which are currently attempting to change the human genome code to share traits and characteristics of molecular cell structures, with that of animals. I have many hypotheses as to why science is doing this, but in my analysis they are wrong to pursue it. For one thing, and I am sharing this for the first time, and the scientists themselves don’t even know this or they would not be doing it if they cared about humanity, instead of their new-flawed science stance. 
The molecular transmembrane gateway is different for animals vs. humans. Most scientists’ already know this. 
 But, this is what I have personally did research and found, that the speed and rate to which the sequence of ions which open the cells gateways are very different from humans to animals. And, this variance is what I hypothesize creates distinct changes which cause disease and chronic ailments in humans. This difference in timing will effect size, and reflect where the enzymes, and cleaved proteins enter into various human bodily doorways. “Sequence (rate/speed) determines size and size determines function” (a biological fact in molecular science). Therefore, If the size of an amino acid, or enzyme protein, is incorrect (due to my hypothesis just shared), and the enzyme entering blood, tissues and lymphatic regions not cleaved properly, it will result in disease. My hypothesis states that this is because the incorrect size delivers it into the wrong transmembrane gateway. This is also my hypothesis regarding disease and especially that associated with diabetes. How that size is incorrectly achieved is what I am referencing and hypothesizing. 
 The proof is also in the fact that diabetes has become epidemic compared to the decades previous. I can share in detail why this is if I were to be asked, but on the record. I think I am due some credit for my research at this point.
 The negative and positive ions of animals and humans do not match in cellular chromosomal language. I’ve already shared this many times regarding the transmembrane gateway. This error in science and evolutionary thinking has fostered many disease pathways in humans, and especially as of late, created anti-inflammatory expressions of oxidized cells that promote autoimmune disease. I was one of the first to hypothesize this as being paramount to what was leading to Co_Vid’s destructive behavior in humans. It’s also what, in my hypothesis, is creating negative-adverse reactions in the vaccinated due to the animal traits carried within the spike protein. 
I wrote many of these finds in my 29 page report first began in March of 2020. It was evident within and after finishing my report that Inflammatory released oxidized cells and lipids promote disease of various kinds, which was also stipulated in the report. I was not the first to discover the negative reactions of oxidized cells, but in relation to the Virus of Co_vid, I was one of the first to link the Virus to oxidization resulting in inflammatory responses which promoted quickened adverse reactions through the human body. The answer being to reduce inflammatory response mechanisms and create a homeostatic cellular environment. I had achieved various suggestions via my protocols. These synthesized biologics I suggested in my protocols paper in 2020, and listed on my website, aid in uncoupling tainted, toxic cells in humanity, many initially fostered by animal enzymes en vivo. 
These finds of mine also hypothesize breaking the codes of evolutionary science errors, as well as some genetically inherited disease. I have proven many successfully in my own family, in vivo. 
 In closing, I submit that, we the people must speak up and stop the proliferation of unchecked science. There must be established over-sight committees, with knowledgeable biologists, and scientists willing to admit things have gone down a wrong road. Repent, and let’s get back to the science of healing people. Not creating new problems, and then giving money to science to find cures for problems they themselves created!
 I know my God will not allow His creation to be destroyed. He loves His people and wants them well. IF real science had been led by faith in Him, we would not be in the current mess we’re facing today. Humanity’s, God-designed, immune system will find a way to survive, but do you want to risk your loved ones that become the lab experiment until herd immunity occurs, each time?
God is Sovereign and will deliver us all if we seek Him with our hearts and minds. Ask Him what you can do to be part of the solution. 
Peace to all who love and seek His face, 
Thank you for reading,
JoAnn Peralta