Evolutionary biologists have a lot to answer for and explain to society and the world as a whole. Science should know by now that using animal proteins to restructure human cellular codes to promote certain RNA pathways can’t work because the major human chromosome of the body, has a different transmembrane gateway into the cytosol of the human cell than the animal protein. Human chromosome 17, vs. animal protein chromosome 11 (mouse). The scientists often change the nomenclature to not use those names anymore in their research reports but it’s not hard to find the new words, but I digress.   In other words, the mouse “gateway” is different than the human cell “gateway”, known as the transmembrane. Therefore, when scientists have tried quite awhile back, to use proteins which are cloned, animal sequence DNA (monoclonal antibodies en vivo), to offset, antigen pathways in humans, and which may have been successful in animal tests, it had not proved completely successful in human beings.   Therefore, what does a science mind do when the gateway is different, and you need it to match? Yes, science is now attempting to restructure the actual DNA genome code of humans in order to make their animal, cloned DNA work! This way, research can continue without human testing, and avert the need for it. Why? Due to the restructuring of the human cell with animal DNA/RNA enzymes and sequence genome coding. There has even been a recent research paper I discovered online by scientists that has taken the stance that the evolutionary biology of the human body is the same as the animal. This is a lie., and deceptive. If people continue to allow recent mechanisms to be fed into the human genome, then, yes, there will be many whom fit their “forced evolutionary agenda”, but it is a takeover, and was not that way originally. It was not evolution which administered this supposed equality from species to species. Make no mistake, there are consequences for this take-over;  The problem for their evolutionary science agenda is, God made the body to detect “foreign” material and the body will not allow even the re-coding of DNA to be seen as normal. For example, one of my theories is, all it may take is a spike in the internal body temperature, such as anything over 104 degree internal body temperature to open up a thermal cellular reaction of the dormant parts of the DNA animal codes which were input into cells of the human body. Then, in my hypothesis, the human body would react to this as “foreign material”, and cause the body’s own internal defense mechanisms to fight against itself, which may translate en-vivo to an autoimmune disease. I believe this has already been in existence for awhile now, unbeknownst to the population, and many unknowing doctors.  A case in point, and which leans to my theory, would be if the body has a high leucocyte count, and the person doesn’t feel well so doctors perform tests and find the presence of these high amounts of white blood cells, that are part of the immune system which fight against antigens in the body, or the presence of foreign invaders, but still can’t find a reason for the high leucocyte count. If this were to be the case, and I hypothesize it has in many cases, then “nothing is detected by way of variants” in the testing results of affected  persons. The patient goes away with symptoms associated with autoimmune performance but no known cause. In many cases, the reason may be there are not noticeable negative resulting variants present because the human body is processing it as it’s own “human DNA”, genome code. But, if tested with certain types of variant tests for the presence of L-929, or p273, to name a couple, then doctors may find the presence of animal protein genomes, such as protein 273. Unfortunately, this protein language has been recently changed in order to hide it’s animal affiliation. But, it’s not that difficult to break the code. Any biologist can do it.   In conclusion, I am speaking in a very simplified, biology language so as not to lose anyone. If I already have, I’m sorry. It is not my intention, but this is a very complex internal biological language. Please read this again and again, until you can understand the language. I want as many non-scientists to understand what, in my opinion, may likely be  happening. This is just scratching the surface but I am giving the larger picture in my hypothesis and analysis of the type of science we are living under. And, I think it’s very dangerous to be thinking this way for humanity as a whole.  I have proven many of my theories already, and they’ve been proven correct. My biggest “claim to fame” is my discovery of the ability of Catalase to express out of the body the hydrogen peroxide construct within the lungs, which breaks the bond of oxygen to oxygen in hydrogen peroxide to functioning oxygen again within the lungs. If this unhealthy bond is broken then then the body restructures itself to bond with healthy O2, and respiration of the lungs returns to normal again. In other words, breathing is easier again! I have a famous biologics company now touting this in their claims, but it originally was my discovery. Up to that point, no other research had existed that predates my discovery. God had anointed me to help people during the virus beginnings, if they read my protocol paper on my website, which is listed on my Home Page still. Many of my biologics I suggest are also useful for other home remedies in the body, so please read it if you’ve not already from beginning to end. Pray for this revelation knowledge to become more mainstream, and regular conversation. Many doctors are finally speaking out about their suspicions, and saying there is evidence it is true and some notable ones from M.I.T. and Harvard have recently spoken about what I had discovered a long time ago when I first did my research report, which is also posted on my website. We need as a group to learn the language together! Ignorance is not bliss, today it can maim you unless you’re diligent!   Peace, wisdom, and knowledge to all whom call upon the name of the Lord! Amen, JoAnn