November 30, 2021
“Research and Hypotheses’ of Various Symptoms of Disease Related to Co_Vid 19 and Their Biologic Treatments” by JoAnn Peralta

Vary=Change, or changes, various;
Variable=More than one way in finding solution, or cause.
Variant= Variation of original strain, and/or biological changes in antigen presence in Vivo.


A variant (virus, antigen, germ) is like an out of control train traveling through to different train stations, or depots with Robbers onboard. Only this is taking place in the human body. Each stop along the way the Conductor tries to rid itself of the unwanted passengers. 
 Some are taken off only to return later. Others are killed as they were trying to rob the passengers but marshals onboard intervened. The marshals are the immune system fighting the culprits.
But, these various train depots are in different places for a reason. They’re set up in various locations. In the human body these depots represent the mucous membranes, blood plasma throughout the body, tissues throughout the body, various organs, and different cells throughout different bodily regions, as well as intestinal tract and brain. And each depot has its own marshals that come with it.
 Each area is unique and carries with it the potential to fight and eliminate destructive elements that enter those regions. This is the immune systems job. Compartmentalization keeps regions isolated so the invaders don’t easily force their way or drift easily into other compartments. The Brain is especially protected and if the antigen is diminished in size such as microbial solutes, it can enter but may still be fought off. This may be involved in recent situations involving the new variant.
 (See my protocols paper for use of ionic zinc and Tylenol if need). But, read on first!
 While the Virus train makes its way to each
depot checkpoint, it may be entirely stopped at the first, but if it can’t be stopped by the immune system marshals, then it keeps traveling and the next depot takes it farther into the bodies more important regions. 
The best case scenario is that the train is stopped earlier, rather than later. For, when stopped earlier and within the first 48 hrs of symptoms, it is easier to overtake the unaware, train robbers whom aren’t expecting a counter attack so quickly. 
 This is where the protocols at my level 1 suggestions in my “Protocols Suggestion paper” on my website help the body’s immune system not get overtaken with inflammation which causes the immune response to become overridden with oxidized cells. 

However, if the invaders which contain variable ways to evade capture by the immune system, through various deceptive
ways, continue past the first response system, such as the cells in the white adipose tissues of the body and mucous membranes, now more proactive countermeasures must be employed and the conductor calls a Posse of trained experts to intervene and help the marshals on board.
 These are synthetic biologics which have the capacity to disarm and/or uncouple the invaders on specific compartments of the train. They break the chain links in between the cars of the train. When the robbers are onboard and the compartments get uncoupled they get left behind and the Posse comes and arrests them. 
 When this new variant was deemed to be known as part of Co_Vid 19 it was good news to me. Quickly it sounded like one of the hidden train robbers who hid in one of the compartments which was still linked to the train, and had evaded earlier capture, and was now going to show themselves. The stronger invaders were already captured, and now this less powerful robber was going to make an attempt to overthrow the train. But, the marshals were all throughout the other compartments and ready to position themselves for the arrest, or kill. 
 It would be an easier fight, and a lessened show of force as the other stronger members had already been taken off the train. The immune system had already fought the other areas that were individual separate compartments and the robbers were stopped, so the Virus was not as virulent and dangerous as when the first attempts had been made to overtake the train and people in it with their money and such.
 However, being vigilant is still the word of the day and this final robber must still be dealt with and pummeled with protocols found in biologics and foods. So, if you’ve already had the Co-Vid 19 (SARS_2) Virus, whether before or after the Vaccine inoculation, then you are in good shape should this new predator gain entrance. You have a built up immune system, and need only follow through with health and some advised protocols.
 If fatigue and muscle aches, which so far seem to be the only symptoms, are the only invaders left standing, it is a good sign. I suggest this is a snake with its head
cut off, and the rest of the body still is wiggling. But, continue with protocols of healthy nutrition; vegetables, such as rich dark, leafy vegetables, black olives, avocados, fish high in omega 3’s, legumes, pineapple, and pumpkin, and sunny over-medium eggs which have important and beneficial properties in the yolk sac.
 Immune building biologics, which include but are not limited to only these; Vitamin D3, Lysine, garlic capsules or fresh (Not Gar_Lique) and Zinc, and Iron (there are various forms of iron and some are easier on the stomach so look into those iron forms!).
Also, elderberry juice or elderberry tea to also enhance immune system, especially for kids!! 
 For adult heart healthy upkeep: Olive Leaf extract; Magnesium (250mg unless doctor recommends 400mg or more daily); Lysine for stress relief; NA_Cysteine (and if not on statins): and only 300-600mg daily unless directed otherwise by doctor); and Vitamin D3, 1,000-5,000mg daily minimum. 
Also, Vitamin K to offset blood clotting (my
hypothesis), but check if interactions with meds you may be taking. For example, Warfarin presents possible drug interaction. 
For fighting against strains of various negative bacteria, and infection;!
oil of oregano (capsules recommended); 
Lac-to_ferrin which is a glycoprotein and binds easily to iron. The Lac_to_ferrin deprives the disease of its iron nutrition when it’s attached to the infection, or disease.
** and As_tax_an_thin, which is a derivative of Protein A, and is a synthetic of it, and is also in the carotenoid family. Pumpkins are beneficial as they are in carotenoid family, but not as potent.
 +++In my hypothesis, Protein A/synthetic As_tax_an_thin kills certain strains of staphylococcus aureus and is encoded for by the polymorphic X-region of the SpA gene.  As_tax_an_thin may function, as a derivative of Protein A, which is an immunoglobulin-binding-protein. This means it may be able to bind at the Fc-R (region) of Immunoglobulin G (IgG) in the plasma and become a synthetic catalyst to overtake the Virus/antigen in the host tainted cellular network.
  This is a major find and hypothesis of mine if it is proven to override the corrupted cells in the plasma network, enabling antibodies to regain control and function in these tainted plasma host cells! 
 I surmise and hypothesize that Zinc (50-150mg a day); and Catalase (only taken every 12 hrs. And one capsule each time), should also be included with the As_tax_an_thin to create an adjoining healthy catalyst approach to regain function for healthy poly_no_mer receptors and break any type of host cell invasion of tainted antigen materials into these receptors and covalent bonding mechanisms. 
This would result in the aggravated and mutated cells, via antigen’s presence of the plasma and lipid proteins which had covalently bonded, to now be broken at the CH—CH BOND, thereby enabling the antigen, of Co_Vid 19 as well as many other diseases, to be stopped by the natural immune system and antibody network as well as, I hypothesize, to regain homeostatic behavior. This would supply and enable normal antibody robust response once homeostasis is regained.
 My 29 page report, which in May 2020,  I hypothesize on these future findings on pages 18-24, and also page 31 regarding “Recovery” in my research report titled, “My Hypothesis of Pathogenic Disease Behavior Associated with Co_Vid 19”, by JoAnn Peralta, was my source to make these now discoveries once I plugged in the chemistry findings of similar biologic personalities attributed to As_tax_an_thin and Protein A (SpA gene), as well as my hypothesis of Zinc,, written about specifically on page 24, section “Plasma”, last paragraphs; and page 31 “recovery” section promoting pro_tin_ease K and lac_to_ferrin, as well as to the end of the full report and my research hypotheses on many other findings.
 My final hypothesis involves T-cell derived Protein S, which engages TAM signaling in dendritic cells to control myeloid lineage dendritic cells The synthetic biologic to Protein S, I hypothesize is Vitamin K, and is not to be taken if on Warfarin. Check for other drug interactions, or with your doctor, especially if on kidney medications as well.
 These findings may also have an impact on Wilson’s Disease, and Charcot_Marie_Tooth disease) with regard to copper involvement being implicated in both diseases, and recoverable, or diminished via use of As_tax_an_thin; Zinc; ester C; and Catalase, and Lact_of_ferrin , to break unhealthy covalent bonds involving tainted protein A, antibody dimers and Cu metals being bound erroneously in Ch-Ch bonding. 
 The Catalase is implicated in the positive removal of the construct of hydrogen peroxide bond which is implicated in the lungs inability to use oxygen to respirate the lungs due to the bond of Hydrogen to Oxygen.
 In this scenario, dendritic cells oxidized, lethal, performance empties the hydrogen into the lungs and respiratory system becomes tainted, crippling the oxygen molecules to incapacitate them and present hydrogen peroxide construct and A_fibrillation adverse reaction, in more severe cases. 
 The Catalase breaks the bond of Hydrogen to Oxygen, with ha_em. It relieves the lungs to breathe easier and regain normalcy.
These are my most recent findings and hypotheses, with respect to my current reporting and to which I used my previous 29 page research report started in March 2020, and posted on May 20, 2020 on my website
This report, analysis, and hypotheses’ written today, November 30, 2021;
By, JoAnn Peralta, AP-Bio.; F.A.
All Rights Reserved, c)2021
Bibliography reference: “My Hypothesis of Pathogenic Disease Behavior Associated with Co_Vid 19” by JoAnn Peralta, AP-Bio.; F.A.; posted May 2020: 29 pp.