October 3, 2020

 For friends and family, once you’ve checked with your doctor, and have been advised that you have beginning symptoms related to Co_Vid-19 but  your doctor has nothing to help you and/or not willing to treat you, and just tells you to self-quarantine, then you have no alternative but to try and get well on your own. 

I used this regimen for treatments for myself and my daughter when we came down with the symptoms and reacted quickly at first onset. It is helpful to react, whether or not you test positive (or once symptoms show),  because it doesn’t mean that you don’t have it but rather that it just didn’t show yet on the test.

I pray you will all recover well with God’s help, guidance, and healing,


PRODUCTS I used (how to use each in later pages):

These products are for the onset of symptoms (in beginning stage). You many not even test positive for Covid 19 at first, but take these anyway until you feel normal.

Must haves:

  • Zinc capsule/or caplets 50 mg. each
  • Ionic Zinc 30,000 PPm drops
  • Zinc with copper capsule (15 mg zinc/2 mg copper)- available at Bullet Proof
  • Iron (bisglycinate) 25 mg.
  • Tonic water w/ Quinine-  Schweppes has sugar-free available
  • Lysine capsules  500mg
  • Garlic capsules 1,000mg  -if on high blood-pressure meds garlic can lower bp, so keep an eye out for this, and consult your doctor
  • Vitamin C (Ester C). 500 mg
  • Tylenol (not Advil) –  ask your doctor if you are unable to take Tylenol. It is in case of low grade fever
  • Vitamin D  follow amount allowed on bottle.
  • Coconut water, and/or water

*Suggestions only;  you may have alternatives to any of these in case of medicine interactions, allergies, or chronic ailment, disease related concerns. Always check with your doctor if you have questions or concerns, especially if pregnant.

Optional -(but I used each of these)

  *if pregnant or nursing, check with your doctor

  • H. Pylori Fight-Gut Health. 200 mg Take if exhibit loose stool, onset diarrhea, or stomach-related, upper intestinal discomfort.
  • Lactoferrin 250/ 500 mg. Capsules.   (glycoprotein, amino acid). It has properties that remove toxins from the body.

*Most products can be found through internet, Amazon and/or SuperSmart/U.S.

These products below are good to have on hand if needed, and if you are not feeling better after three to four days, where you still have low-grade/mild to moderate fever, and asthmatic feeling of pressure, and if but not heart related pressure. **If heart-related you must call your doctor, or if not sure! IT could be non-related to CoVid Virus!!

**You must check with doctor if on any medications, especially for high blood pressure, chemotherapy, or kidney disease, and heart disease medications as there may be drug interactions with these products, which are otherwise generally safe to normal, healthy adults with no pre-existing conditions.

Also, if pregnant, always consult your doctor!

  • N-Acetyl Cysteine (NOT CASEINE). 300mg capsules (if only can find 600 mg capsules, then open capsule and pour out 1/2 then re-cap and take with water) **If your heart rate does not increase, take another 1/2 capsule later. ***IMPORTANT DRUG RELATED INTERACTIONS -READ END OF REPORT FOR PRECAUTIONS!

           Do not take with caffeine. Separate by at least 3 hours!

  • Catalase (refrigerate) 500 mg. 

  • Nitric Oxide (NO), (150mg) each capsule.  TO HAVE ON HAND AFTER WELL AGAIN! This has scientifically been reported to be helpful when taken after recovered from the virus, or any sickness, to keep the cell walls healthy and build immunity support. There are people with certain genetic mutations that cannot take this, so check with your doctor once recovered as to whether you can take this or not! People on glutathione supplements may not need as it encourages production of glutathione, and would therefore be too much.

LEVEL 1-  Beginning Treatment

Within 1st 12-24 hours of onset first symptoms, works best.

Beginning Symptoms (continued on next page as well)

  • Dry Cough
  • Slight sore throat
  • Slight pinkish eyes
  • Reddish in corners of eyes
  • Tiredness or feeling fatigue, out of ordinary
  • Feeling warm-hot with no fever
  • Slight pressure in head, or above the eyebrow
  • Intestinal uneasiness
  • Loose stool or onset of diarrhea
  • No taste or sense of smell
  • Anything else that may be symptom-related we did not experience so you could add your own but these were our experiences!!

**If you have two or more of these symptoms take the following  below right away:

  • Garlic capsules 1000 mg. Dose to begin with,
  • but if you are already with symptoms for a few days or more, you can take up to 2,000-4,000mg spread out in the day. But Beware if you have high blood pressure, and take meds related to hypertension and/or high-blood pressure, as garlic is an anti-inflammatory and can lower blood pressure. Talk to your doctor before taking high doses of garlic if you are such a person!
  • Garlic contains Quercetin, which is know to help combat this virus!!

  • Zinc 50 mg-  Can take up to 150mg per day according to Doctor on Youtube. Any more than that please check if okay with your doctor!
  • and/or if you have slight head pressure or above eyebrow, or anywhere in head,  then also take 7-10 ionic zinc drops in small cup of water!! Do this after taking the tonic water with quinine, as these two work together beautifully to clear the Blood-Brain Barrier to relieve the pressure. Tylenol as needed, and prescribed on bottle.
  • Vitamin C (ester) 500 mg. This helps increase the efficacy of the zinc in the body!
  • Tonic water with Quinine (sugar-free diet available). Suggested by Doctor on YouTube, to be taken every 3-4 hours as needed, 4 oz. each time. Up to 12-16oz a day suggested.
  • Iron tablet 25 mg. ( only one a day) (iron bisglycinate is quicker absorption and easier on stomach) This helps with severe fatigue and building energy
  • Lysine. (amino acid) 500 mg Helps release toxic build-up from cells, and encourages cellular homeostasis. People with stress, or cold sores can use this to help oxidized cells calm down

Daily quantities allowed:

  • 1000 mg Lysine a day allowed, unless your doctor says otherwise, and may allow more.
  • 2,000-4,000 mg garlic a day when dealing with the inflammation such as beginning virus symptoms. But consult doctor if on high blood pressure medications, or hypertension, or statin heart medications.
  • 150 mg. Zinc a day allowed, unless otherwise advised by doctor, and may need to be lessened, or possibly increased.
  • Vitamin C -(ester). 1000mg allowed daily unless sensitive to acid or allergic. Vitamin C increases the body’s absorption of zinc. If not allowed, you may have to increase the zinc amount to get the full efficacy, so ask your medical professional

LEVEL 2- Treatment for Continued Symptoms (in same 12-24 hrs of onset, beginning stages of symptoms)

Adults only, or 14 years or older. Check with your doctor for children.

This recommendation is for the same 12-24 day of symptoms. If you have had symptoms for awhile before finding out about this chart, I’m not sure if Level 2 is too minor or not to help. I still recommend trying it though, because it’s better than nothing!!

  • Intestinal uneasiness
  • Loose stool
  • Beginning diarrhea
  • Low grade fever

Then take these below, in addition to what you have done in Level 1

  • H. Pylori Fight (Gut Health) -one capsule100 mg to begin with. Can take one more later in the day (200 mg total in one day)
  • and/or
  • Extra strength Tylenol adults, take according to instructions on bottle. 14 years or older okay to take regular strength as prescribed on bottle.


*NO Advil at all during this time -it is an NSAID and would interfere with medications if doctors may need to prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs if severe Co_Vid and hospitalization needed.

-Check temperature often and if body heat feeling increases, with or without fever, take Tylenol according to bottle direction.

If you have no fever continue to follow level 1 directions and amounts allowed for the day:

Tonic water with quinine plus zinc, garlic, etc. and drink plenty of liquid, especially cold water to reduce body warmth.

  • repeat same recommendations for following days and thereafter, as needed, until feeling normal again. Continue with multi-vitamin after feeling normal. Other immunity building suggestions at end of these papers!

-**High fever is a sign of more serious condition, so if it won’t come down must seek medical care

-and/or diarrhea continues past first 12 hours you must seek medical care. It might be a sign of something more serious.

-Hydration is important, so continue with coconut water, and or water.

LEVEL 3- Treatment for two persistent symptoms

**if pregnant or nursing, check with your doctor

After 6-12 hours after symptoms started and you have completed level 2

  • If head pressure continues  then take 5-7 drops of ionic zinc, 2x in a 12hr. day. Keep track of how much Tylenol as well, according to bottle directions and 4 oz of tonic water, per treatment- up to 16 oz in a 12hr. day okay.

  • If fatigue -this is normal and part of the virus, so rest important. However, if fatigue increases, and not feeling better after or still have hot feeling then consider:
  • 1 Lactoferrin capsule, 250 mg. **again, nursing mothers, or pregnant check with doctor, or health professional.

  • 1 Catalase (refrigerated) 250 mg a day, unless otherwise prescribed by your doctor. Catalase is excellent when asthmatic-type feeling pressure from mucous build-up in lungs not lessening, and not coming out, such as if you’re experiencing discomfort and not heart-related problems. Catalase has properties which catalase hydrogen peroxide (cellular oxidation in the body that can occur due to the virus), into oxygen and hydrogen. **But always ask your doctor if you have any questions, and always if nursing, or pregnant!!

If you respond well after Levels 1-3 , then suggest continue on this course for 4-5 days and eliminate any items not needed such as Tylenol, when fever is gone, or stay on this course , or doctor modulated course, until you feel better, and/or normal. For some people such as myself, recovery took seven days. For others, it may be longer but patience, rest, and hydration is very important even if feeling well, so it doesn’t return. At least up to two weeks after feeling normal avoid strenuous exercise!

If feeling well after five days or longer, you may want to reduce daily garlic to 1,000-2,000mg p/day depending. Or up your garlic intake, if mucous is expectorating and you were taking too low a dose. Use your best judgment!!

**We quarantined 14-16 days after feeling normal again! Kept our masks on when near family members and always washed our hands before touching items. We continue to wear our masks outside even though normal again, and hopefully have antibodies, but still wear our masks!

LEVEL 4- Treatment on a Deeper Level

After 24-36 hours from beginning of symptoms and going through 1-3 levels of treatment, if you are still not experiencing some relief, or not worse, and possibly still showing pinkish eyes, may consider taking:

  • 1 zinc with copper. (15 mg. Zinc-2 mg copper) available from Bulletproof company, follow directions on the bottle. I took one a day.

  • 1 N-Acetyl Cysteine 300 mg (open capsule and pour out 1/2 and re-cap if 600 mg capsule only available) Take no more than 600mg per day unless otherwise approved by doctor.

    **DO NOT take N-Acetyl Cysteine with coffee!! Wait at least 3 hours before having caffeine because it can cause heart increase rate with the coffee. ALSO,

**DO NOT TAKE IF YOU HAVE KIDNEY DISEASE, or are on any medications related to the kidney!!! Consult doctor if you have underlying health conditions such as high or low blood pressure, hypertension, or hypertension related medicines, or diabetes.

  While this amino acid isn’t dangerous in itself, the mixing of it with prescribed medications causing drug interactions is the problem. Like I said earlier, even garlic can become dangerous if it is consumed at large doses when a person is on high-blood/hypertension medications.

  This cysteine amino-acid, is sold over-the-counter allowed by the government for a variety of conditions. It has been shown to be effective for a variety of respiratory conditions, as well as brain health (dementia related problems). You just need to check with your doctor for medication reactions.  It is a supplement form of cysteine, and is considered an amino acid.

  It also helps to neutralize free-radicals that can damage cells in the body. It can increase antioxidant production, as well as replenish glutathione, an important antioxidant in the body.

  I also have discovered an important supplement that has helped my youngest daughter with onset symptoms related to celiac disease, and gluten sensitivity. So, email me and I’ll make suggestions, and you can check with your family doctor about these discoveries!

  • 1 Lactoferrin 250 mg, if didn’t already begin taking once a day from level 3 suggestions

**Continue this regimen of levels, 1, and/or 2, and/or 3, and/or 4 daily until you feel better, or you doctor or medical professional suggests otherwise!  Stop, or decrease any of these levels when desired, or stop any of the suggestions of items within any level, depending on your need, and/or symptoms!

IF you are experiencing a lot of mucous in your nose, and/or spitting out a lot of it, but it is coming out, that is a good sign as it is not staying in the lungs, or vasculature, so it is a good sign. The danger is when it builds up in the body and does not express (come out).


Each of these are suggestions and optional – consult medical professional if you have questions

Once full recovery has occurred you need to continue building your immunity. Here are suggestions I have, and you may have your own to add!!:

  • First and foremost a balanced nutritious diet
  • Eat less of sugary foods
  • Keep hydrated with liquids always, especially water, and if not allergic coconut water, unsweetened.
  • Probiotics
  • Elderberry
  • Multi vitamin (for Adults, suggest contain vitamins D, D3, selenium, vitamin E) and COQ-10 supplement as well.
  • Turmeric and garlic (has anti-inflammatory properties). If on pills, or medicines for anti-inflammation see if Turmeric and garlic are required to be continued in your health regimen.
  • Onions (quercetin properties are beneficial but for some can cause excessive gas)
  • Yogurt (especially Greek-style which is great for gut health
  • Egg yolk (cooked, over-medium), but make sure you don’t have allergies to it
  • Nitric oxide (formula)- check with your doctor if you are taking prescription meds for drug related interactions. If already on glutathione-increase related medications probably not needed, but check with medical professional.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise until 2 weeks after feeling normal and work slowly into exercise, but check with your doctor if over a certain age! Beginning a safe plan is always a good idea!

These are all suggestions for a healthy defense in your body but always check with your doctor when starting something new that you have any questions about.

I did this as a reaching out to my friends and family when I did a 29 page report that can be found on my website, over a period of approximately ten weeks, and discovered some theories I had come up with. Little did I know I would be putting them into practice! I had everything on hand so when symptoms occurred related to CO_Vid-19 onset symptoms, I immediately knew I had to do something. My elder daughter’s symptoms were different than my own, so I treated her for symptoms different than mine. I needed to go to level 4 treatment, but reduced it when I felt better. 

My daughter was normal after five days but I encouraged her to rest, drink lots of fluids, and do multi-vitamin and iron to continue building her energy levels. She did come to me about a month later saying she felt tired, and her eye was very slightly pinkish, so I knew the virus was trying to come back. So, I ended up giving her Level One, (minus the ionic zinc, because she had no head pressure, and no Tylenol because she had no fever), and included Level two because she had a slight intestinal discomfort. I also included the Zinc with Copper, and Catalase to kill it completely in her plasma. It seemed to help immensely. She did this for three days.

  I had to return to level 1, 3 and 4 again for a few days after about a month of being well, due to feeling poorly. I had no fever, but did feel warm overall. I figured it was trying to return. After hitting it, I felt much better. Everyone’s body is different. So, treatment should be according to the individual’s needs. And while this is not a cure, I think it is better. It is a regimen to allow the body to fight the antigen’s presence on its own by giving it help. It teaches the cells to recognize the antigen and use it’s own God-given defenses, and immunoglobulins which build up antibodies and immunities.

  God bless us all, and thank you for reading. I never have said I was a doctor, but I am very good at biology. I also trust in my high power, and that is God.

  I wish my family and friends well, and always trust your gut, and check with your qualified medical professional. There are varying degrees of opinions out there. Just know that I did treat myself and my daughter and it was successful. I found that too many times we were being left on our own, and doctor’s offices were shutting their doors to us and saying, “good luck”. I couldn’t have that in case my family or friends caught it. I was right, and am glad I did much work and sacrifice because for us, it has paid off. I hope it benefits you as well, but more than anything, I hope you never have to get this! And better yet, I hope you have a doctor willing to give you house calls, or allow you to come in and receive therapeutic medications.

This regimen I have come up with is, in my opinion, therapeutic biologics, and cellular therapy. It is the wave of the future, in my opinion.

Thank you for your love and support,

Your friend,

JoAnn Peralta www.jperalta.com